Friday, February 24, 2017

Lady Gaga in V Magazine 2016

As a diva, it is not surprising at all when Lady Gaga photo was used for the cover for a big magazine. It is not rare for seeing Lady Gaga in the cover of various magazines after all. However, there was special appearance of her in the cover of V magazine in 2016 for January issue. She was not alone in the photo shoot of V magazine. She was with Taylor Kinney who was her fiancé at that time.
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There is no doubt that it was a very special moment for the Mother Monster. From the v magazine lady gaga, people have great expectation that she will get married soon with Kinney since they were in relationship for pretty long enough time. The shoot was more special because both were taken in nude. The concept was that they were making love in the canvas. There was so much love in the image for sure but the public was shocked with news later that they took a break in relationship. They were no longer fiancé.

It seems like the lady gaga v magazine 2016 became the hurtful memory for the former couple. However, this sad story gave strong impact for Gaga’s latest album Joanne which will be made into world tour in 2017.

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