Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lil B Best Tweet for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga came back in the late 2016 with the album which could show the different part of her. People maybe have kind of thought about the songs which she used to offer from her previous album but the title song of her latest album surely shown the different part of her. Her song was not the only thing which makes people pay attention to her comeback after all.

People were waiting for her live performance. The Dive Bar Tour was a great event for her album promotion but people were talking about her performance during the Super Bowl Halftime show. It was a huge phenomenon because it was the most tweeted performance which could be found on Twitter land. Many people were talking about her performance including Lil B. The lil b lady gaga tweet actually became the best tweet by Lil B. He tweeted about the surprising performance she made during the show. Of course he said this with the words which were a little bit shocking as well.

This performance has grabbed the attention from many people but one thing, Lady Gaga should be happy because her parents said that she made them proud with the performance during this big music performance event.

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