Sunday, June 18, 2017

Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss Surgery

Abby Lee Miller was known to be a dance instructor and choreographer. One of her famous work was ‘Dance Moms.’ Although she was a dance instructor, but if people look at her, she had such a huge body. In 2014, Abby Lee Miller had more problem faced her. She went for bankruptcy in December 2010. The bankrupt of Abby had made her owe taxes for more than 400,000 USD. Many controversial come to Abby’s life afterwards. Abby Lee Miller in April 2016 had weight loss surgery. Her decision got criticized by many people, but she said that people just do not know how her feeling.

Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss Surgery had made great drastic change to her look. People known her by her huge body, but now that look had disappeared and she looked slimmer than before. Even though she had passed that surgery time, but she still remembered how afraid she was before entering the operating room. She said that what she decided was crazy, actually. Having weight loss surgery with lot of fats to destroy was a big deal. And that was the hardest decision she ever made, and she still afraid even before entering the operating room. 

Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss Surgery was her decision to ease her burden of life. As the celebrity and role model for many people, her decision should not be follow by people who wants to loose weight instantly. For people who had enough money to do surgery, that might be great idea to imagine you could loose your weight in instant. Even so, there were many contradictions on weight loss surgery. It could affect to body health and if the surgery not goes well, it could damage body. For that, if you want to loose weight you better to choose the health way of diet.

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